Dance moves for bad service?

I struggle to see anything good in the South African fast food industry at times. Actually… most of the time. If they are not taking the best pieces off the menu (Bring back the Double Crunch Burger!!!), then the quality of food is not consistent. There’s been a few different incidents that have been rather personal to me that just point it out even more.

About three years ago, friends of mine who had immigrated to Ireland over a decade before came to visit in Stellenbosch. We headed out for a good night out, and half way through got hungry. We decided that a quick pit stop for some chow was a great idea… until we walked into KFC and was confronted with a huge queue, and the announcement that they had no more chicken. How a chicken place runs out of chicken is beyond me. I did then have to deal with my European friends asking if that was how “BEE” worked in South Africa…

McDonalds is also not the greatest service provider ever. Currently, I wake up at 4am in the morning to be ready to go on-air for the MFM 92.6 Breakfast show. A few mornings, I’ve been a bit late and decided to grab a coffee on the go. There have been mornings that their coffee machines (in plural, including basic filter coffee machine) have been off. At a 24/7 fast food place, not the greatest thing ever if you can’t even get a coffee.

My best friend had an incident two days ago. Finishing her show at midnight at MFM 92.6 on a Sunday night, she headed to McD’s for some much needed food, only to be told that they weren’t serving. They really do need to look at their advertising if they are really not open all-day-every-day.

Now I’m aware that we’re students, but we’re also the market leaders of tomorrow. Do you, as a service provider really want to piss off the fast consumer good market of tomorrow that’s just about to start working and earning hard cash-money? Why there is a song that screams enthusiastically about “Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut and McDonalds” is beyond me. Do we really need to be providing bad service providers with glorified dance moves, ‘cos what are we really celebrating?


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