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Scrapbooked Recipe Book

              It has been ages since I have last blogged. The last few months have been absolutely crazy with finishing off wedding decor and finalizing everything for our big day. I can wait to share a breakdown of all the wedding decor we made when we get the pictures, […]

Crocheted baby blanket

    This was my after Christmas project for a friends of ours who are having a baby in the next few months. That was a quick little project, and I really enjoyed putting it together. Also a nice break between Christmas presents and carrying on with our wedding things. The yellow and purple blocks […]

Christmas Present: Crocheted Elephant Blanket

  I still need to finish blogging about my Christmas presents! Only one more after this one though. This elephant blanket was the biggest thing I worked for this last Christmas. I received plenty of help from the kitties, who had to make sure the ball of wool could still roll and often needed to […]

Christmas presents: Polymer clay beads

  I decided to try making something a bit different for Christmas presents last year. So I did quite a bit of research and really liked the idea of polymer clay, and I found a great Youtube tutorial as well:   I used the basic concept used here and combined different colours of clay to […]

Christmas 2014 decor

Chris and I hosted our first Christmas at the end of last year (yes, I know January is almost over, but I have some serious blogging catch-up to play). We had plenty of fun coming up with ways to decorate the house. Chris’s favorite thing is the Christmas tree, and after this year, it has […]

Toothless and Mosaic Jewellery Box

  This is one of the Christmas presents that I made this year. I’m sharing it now because it has already been opened :). It’s a jewellery box that I made for Chris’s niece. This project did remind me that I’m not a big fan of mosaic. It’s messy, which is fun, but it takes […]

Christmas cards

Okay, I have fallen a bit behind with my blog for the last little while. Sadly, this will probably be the case for the beginning of next year as well, as we’re already booked up to mid-February! One thing that has been holding up the blog is that everything I have been working on have […]