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Camping review: The African Game Lodge

Chris took me camping for my birthday :). It was kept top secret until the day of my birthday, and he often gave me hints so I could try to figure out where we could be going. These hints included things like “Take your hiking boots” and “we’ll need a spot light”. Not much to […]

My Cape Town…

Yeah, the heat has been pretty hectic in the Western Cape this summer. Either we are dealing with some extreme heat (and it’s not even February yet) or its raining. Not too sure how all that happened, but it is happening. This is about the point that many people take to the different social network […]

Are we going to take it?

So the South African National Senior Certificate examination results are being released today… and everyone seems to be in an uproar. Yeah, some of the stats are not the best, completely agreed. I never did understand why the pass rate was so low, even when I was in school. Or why they are is such […]