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Companion planting/plant by month/moon planting experiments

So we started our vegetable garden last year April. We have not had much success to be honest. We’ve been fighting with snails and finally put our lack of success down to poor soil quality. So we’ve been finding ways to improve it. We have to still start our compost heap, and the worm farm […]

Seed saving: lettuce

One thing I have really enjoyed having grow in our garden is lettuce. I think for the price of a head of lettuce, which maybe makes us 2 salads, I bought a tray of mixed lettuce at the beginning of summer. It lasted up until now! It was great that we could use some, let […]

Seed saving: Rocket and Mustard

I think I may actually be getting a bit sick. So I’m trying to get myself ready for the newsletters and bits and pieces that I need to write today. I thought I would share some of the seed saving we are doing at the moment. When our rocket bolted, I was concerned that the […]