Welcome to Tamsin Haley’s DIY, music and ranting blog!

This blog is a bit of everything that I enjoy, and most of the happens to be DIY. Whether I’m figuring out how to design my own craft projects, trying new techniques, or even trying something that I have never done before, it will be posted to this blog. I love knitting, quiliting, crochet, cross-stitch, and I have recently been playing around with some embroidery.

But really, anything that I want to do in my home, or as presents for friends and family, I quite happily figure out how it works and take it from there. So I research and design, and then share my final products on this blog. DIY really is the best.

My latest love is my garden. I’m busy trying to get a herb garden and a vegetable garden up and running. So this is my space where you will hear all about my joys and challenges that come with this. I’ve made the challenge even greater. I want to be an heirloom gardening, making sure that I can save seeds of everything I plant, and create a sustainable garden, cos money saving is great, and it’s always nice to see plants grow and develop. And I love fresh food.

Music has always been a passion for me, and even though I am no longer in radio (for now, watch this space), but that love for music was born long before that. I’m sure it was born about the time I was sleeping in a crib behind a speaker at an event that my dad was DJing at. SO updates on my music taste, playlists, gigs, CDs or whatever, can be found on my blog as well.

Travel is another one of my passions. If I could travel around the world, eat food and write about it, I would be a very happy lady. Whether the trips are local or international, you can find them here, as well as what we get up to while we are away.

And then, everyone needs a place to rant a little bit. Welcome to the politics and ranting section of my blog. Piss me off in traffic and you might just end up in here as well. Following up with my love of music, each rant is accompanied with a music video that I find fitting.



  1. Hi Tamsin

    Your web page is very nice . I need to make one myself when i get the time . I have been doing a course for the last 8 weeks ,one night a week for 2 hours but i dont find the time to practice what i am taught so i forget .
    I will have to try you tube .
    I tried making a slide show of the photos but was not sure where to go .

    I rearly must make time.

    Can one put a link on once facebook which will go to ones web page . .

    I had a good chat with your dad last night

    Hope you and Chris are keeping well ..

    Speak to you soon



    1. Hi Uncle Paddy 🙂 IF there’s something specific you want to do, I’m quite happy to have a look and find a way to get it done.

      You can add your website to your Facebook page. Copy the address and then go to your Facebook page. On your profile page, go the “about” tab. Select to edit your information off the little arrow on the right hand side of your screen. Under your contact information there is a section for your webpage 🙂

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