Monthly Archives: February 2014

Chart music – Playlist update 26 Feb 2014

Ok so I’ve missed a few updates in the last few weeks, but it really has just been mad. So some of the songs I’m adding to my playlist may be a little bit old already. Number 7 on the US charts this week is Shakira and Rihanna “Can’t remember to forget you”. This music […]

Patchwork baby bibs

I had so much fun with these baby bibs. I used them as part of 1st birthday presents for friends, but they could work very well as a baby shower gift if you know the baby’s name. I started off by looking for a pattern. I did manage to find one that was a decent […]

Seed delivery from Cape Town!

  Just received a delivery of many different seeds from Seeds for Africa. They are based in Big Bay and have an incredible response time to online orders that they get. And the variety they have is amazing! They don’t just do vegetables, they do almost anything you can think of. Also what was great, […]

My face palm of the week… growing your own garlic

Sometimes I am incredibly blonde. I honest thought that potatoes and garlic were grown from seeds. So this week when Chris pulled a clove of garlic out of the cupboard that had a shoot coming out of it and suggested we planted it, I thought he was mad. But this is how it is done. […]

A curiosity… purple basil

  This was a packet of seeds that my gran gave to me. And I’ve been wondering what can be done with purple basil once it is fully grown. After some internet searching these are what I have come up with, will try and give feedback on: in tossed salads, pesto and purple basil vinegar. […]

Getting hot in the garden… Jalapenos!

Plant number two is jalapenos! We have found a great way of making our own jalapeno poppers, and in 2 months we will be able to do so from our own garden! Once again, it seems that we are planting these a bit late, but the heat wave at the moment should hopefully help with […]

The green bean experiment

  So my green beans are the first veggie that I have started to experiment with. They are now three weeks old. When I say “they” I mean “it”… 1 of the initial batch survived. I’m glad I decided to plant 3 more a week after the first 3. One of those have survived too. […]