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Playlist update 27 May 2014

I feel that it’s time for a playlist update. I’ve left it for a while in the hopes that I won’t only find one song I like a week on various charts. So here it goes… Jumping to the UK charts first, this lady has a stunning voice (fine there is some autotune there), but […]

Playlist update – 19 March 2014

Chris and I had a debate. Whenever we have people round, we want to put music on while we are having a braai or just chatting. And every single time we have to put together a new playlist. It’s rather annoying. So we are going to set up a music bank with some of the […]

How to write a timeless, classic song

I was listening to the radio this morning, and the song that just so happened to be on got me to thinking. What makes a timeless classic? It certainly was not this track, I can tell you that. There were just a few things that were wrong with it. Like the mentioning of “Kanye” and […]