He wants to ride his bicycle.

All this to do about Lance Armstrong is finally starting to calm down it seems. I’m honestly glad, as I feel that it is a shame to drag someone’s name who was an inspiration to so many people’s through the mud and to release a stampede of cattle run over it. We’re talking about a man who inspired so much hope in so many different people, whether they liked cycling or not.


I also find it extremely strange that a man who manages to win seven Tour de France’s, who must have gone through hundreds of drug tests for every single race, suddenly gets convicted of  doping and loses all of his achievements. This seems very unlikely to me. I also don’t really understand why he had to step down from Live Stong. Yes, I get that from a PR angle it wasn’t the best place to have the man be an inspirational figure. But the last time I checked, overcoming cancer and doping to ride a race are two different things. The man still overcame cancer. That’s an element that he couldn’t lie about, or take something it do it like other people haven’t.


In the end, he was just a man who wanted to ride his bicycle. I don’t see that anyone should be penalised for something that brings them joy.


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