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Camping review: The African Game Lodge

Chris took me camping for my birthday :). It was kept top secret until the day of my birthday, and he often gave me hints so I could try to figure out where we could be going. These hints included things like “Take your hiking boots” and “we’ll need a spot light”. Not much to […]

Zuma is keen on majority… I’ll pick the minority again thank you.

I’m jumping in late here (I actually had to do some work today and busy taking a quick break before continuing), but I did have a good giggle at some of the statements that have come out of the ANC 102 birthday party yesterday. I’m not going to even try to quote Zuma (cos it […]

Now playing… Playlist update 19 Dec 2013

Alright… We are getting ready for our road trip. 2 weeks, lots of driving and seeing most of the South Coast of South Africa. We are will be doing about 1200km, so we are looking for loads of car music. There will be the oldies CDs and our all time favourites, but I also love […]

Mr Mandela… Listen to this and try not to celebrate his life

So Trenton and the Free Radical were nice enough to drop me a tweet telling me about the new collab they were bringing out for “Mr Mandela”.  Love, love, love the addition of the Cape Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, and the timing for a single like this to do well also works out. The times may […]

Mr Mandela

Original Post: I’m not going to jump on the band wagon and add my two cents. Rather, I hope that Mr Mandela is comfortable and that medical professionals are doing all they can to help him, that his family is with him and making him laugh. That’s all that’s important really. I’m going to have […]

It all revolves around Money…

The recession is old news. We’ve been hearing about it for the last few years. Luckily, South Africa has not been hit as badly as some of the other countries around the world. We have still been able to live fairly comfortable lifestyles. Well, you know, if you had cash to begin with. Being part […]

I want to break free!

This is honestly all I had playing in my head as Magistrate Nair was reading through the entire court decision about whether or not to grant Oscar Pistorius bail. He was taking so long to come to the conclusion that I was starting to feel that I wanted to run away from my computer, but […]