Monthly Archives: June 2014

Starting with Granny Squares: Gloves

Recently, I decided to collect up all the little scraps of wool I have from old projects, and turn them into a blanket of granny squares. I’ve had so much fun putting together the granny squares. Then I thought: Why not gloves? For something a little bit different. So I started to make them up. […]

Stinging Nettle Soup

  It seems that we confused more than just a few people on Facebook. In our last veggie box we received a packet of stinging nettles. Yes, the things you have growing in the garden that can give you a nasty sting. You can eat them. The important thing is to make sure that you […]

Quick Crochet Beanies

These little beanies are the fruits of our Kleinmond weekend :). They were so easy and quick that it was a great project to keep me busy while we were chatting and watching sport. The pattern is really simple as well. I used the penguin beanie that I made previously and just used the first […]

A rainy weekend away in Kleinmond

Chris’s favorite spot in the world is St Francis Bay. I really think that mine is Kleinmond. I love coming to this little town for a weekend. I think the main motivator is that the company is always amazing and for a small town, there is so much to do! Some of the weekends we’ve […]

Electronic Save the Dates

Thanks to everyone who has been reading the wedding updates as they go up. It’s great to see that everyone is enjoying them! We decided to go with electronic save the dates. We also asked that people RSVP to these, and then we plan to send out printed invitations to our attendees. The photos we […]

A Sneak Peak of Our Wedding Venue

I’m being a little naughty and sharing a shot of our wedding venue! This is all you get to see for now, and the only reason I am sharing it is because of the scrapbooking weekend I went to recently with my future mother-in-law and one of my sister-in-laws. It was great to be able […]

Engagement Party Invitations

  We were really luck to have about 3 different engagement somethings! With all of our guests being spread around the world and country, it was difficult to decide on what to do. In the end we had a braai with my side of the family and a lunch with Chris’s side (simply because we […]