Monthly Archives: January 2014

Losing respect for Al Gore – the final nail in his coffin

I had plenty of respect for Al Gore. Standing up and becoming a voice for the push against global warming was admirable (even though the Earth goes through cycles and will be able to regenerate itself, though I doubt it will let humans continue living then). But sadly he seems to have confused his mouth […]

Shelly Point weekend away

So I won a weekend away to the Shelly Point Hotel, which included 9 holes of golf and what they call a hydro treatment at their spa. This is all good and great on paper, but it was such a mission to just even get the booking right! As my mum had offered to help […]

Playlist Update – 24 January 2014

It’s Friday! And we’re going off on a little road trip after work, so it’s time for some new music. Just cos it’s weekend (cos this is a little too pop for me), Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull have teamed up for a “I’m a freak”, I have a feeling that this is one that I […]

Playlist update – 17 January 2014

It’s Friday! And I need new music! One song I am loving at the moment is Rudimental ft. Emeli Sande “Free”. Just such a great song which shows that your attention to lyrics can really make or break a track. It is at number 5 this week on the Australian Take 40 charts. Also from […]

Crochet edging looks pretty on dresses!

  These two dresses were officially in my donate-to-hospice clothing pile. The green one (the beach dress) was just way too short and the purple one was one of our res dresses that a group of us decided looked better a bit shorter than it was, even if it had a jagged cut edge. So […]

Revamping shorts

  This is the first project like this that I have done. I’ve always been terrified of cutting up clothes and putting them back together again for fear that they would not be wearable at all. I’m glad that this one went well, because I have another 2 projects like this in the pipelines! I […]

Tea box

  The person that I wanted to ask to be my maid of honour absolutely loves tea. And all kinds of teas. So this is how I asked her if she would be my person to help me with our big day. The box I bought and then decopaged the peacock paper onto it. A […]