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Christmas Present: Crocheted Elephant Blanket

  I still need to finish blogging about my Christmas presents! Only one more after this one though. This elephant blanket was the biggest thing I worked for this last Christmas. I received plenty of help from the kitties, who had to make sure the ball of wool could still roll and often needed to […]

DIY Minion Crochet Beanie

This little guy was so much fun to make! And he only took 2 evenings to do as well. That includes all the little bits and pieces to make him up. If you want to replicate him, I suggest you buy Mirage wool. It’s generally R5 a ball. Make sure you buy the double knit […]

Starting with Granny Squares: Gloves

Recently, I decided to collect up all the little scraps of wool I have from old projects, and turn them into a blanket of granny squares. I’ve had so much fun putting together the granny squares. Then I thought: Why not gloves? For something a little bit different. So I started to make them up. […]

Quick Crochet Beanies

These little beanies are the fruits of our Kleinmond weekend :). They were so easy and quick that it was a great project to keep me busy while we were chatting and watching sport. The pattern is really simple as well. I used the penguin beanie that I made previously and just used the first […]

Crochet Penguin Beanie

  Fun, silly beanies seem to be in fashion. Even when I was in the UK a few years ago, it was hard to find a normal looking beanie. I suppose the arrival of the onesie hasn’t helped with much (said the owner of a beautiful lion onesie). But they are so much fun to […]

DIY Crochet Bolera

Strange as it may seem, this pattern took almost no time at all, and it’s not as complicated as it looks. If you want to give it a bash, you can find it here. Really, you do a lacy crochet to make blocks. I found that I could easily do one of these in an […]

DIY Crochet and knitted bag

So I was hoping that this post would propel me over the 1,000 views mark, but I see that that’s already happened! So thank you to everyone who reads this! Either which way, I really enjoyed this little project. I’ve waited a while to share it because it was a birthday present and I firmly […]