Monthly Archives: July 2014

Revamping old frames

I’ve had these frames for ages and when I first got them, I decided I liked black frames. This has definitely changed so it was about time that they got an upgrade. This was a bit of a process and I will admit that they didn’t go as planned, but I quite like the finished […]

Our Wedding Album: Engagement pictures

So our scrapbooking weekend at Simondium Country Lodge took place at the end of May… And I’ve only just taken the pictures to load them up here. I was too lazy to take most of them out of the album, so please excuse the glare. I promise that with the rest of the album I […]

Fish Tank gone Book Shelf

Ever since Chris has moved in, we have had some strange random items lying around the house that we couldn’t decide what to do with. One of them was this glass fish tank. Because we are still a bit disorganized and the house is littered with wedding decor projects, things like our recipe books were […]

DIY Minion Crochet Beanie

This little guy was so much fun to make! And he only took 2 evenings to do as well. That includes all the little bits and pieces to make him up. If you want to replicate him, I suggest you buy Mirage wool. It’s generally R5 a ball. Make sure you buy the double knit […]

Refurbishing tables

So these poor sad tables have been sitting in our lounge. I finally got the time to drag them out to the garage to revamp them a bit and give them some new life. However, this was three weeks ago. The weather has been so cold that the paint hadn’t dried as quickly as I’m […]