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Seed saving: lettuce

One thing I have really enjoyed having grow in our garden is lettuce. I think for the price of a head of lettuce, which maybe makes us 2 salads, I bought a tray of mixed lettuce at the beginning of summer. It lasted up until now! It was great that we could use some, let […]

Seed saving: Rocket and Mustard

I think I may actually be getting a bit sick. So I’m trying to get myself ready for the newsletters and bits and pieces that I need to write today. I thought I would share some of the seed saving we are doing at the moment. When our rocket bolted, I was concerned that the […]

Seedsaving: Butternut and gem squash

So with all the gardening we have been doing, I decided to try some seed saving as well. Now the ones that I have drying in my kitchen after the weekend are most likely hybrid seeds, as I got them from a supermarket. Think I should research some farmers markets in the area to get […]