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Tired of sub-quality vegetables in supermarkets?

I am absolutely tired of walking into supermarkets to find that I don’t want to buy any of their vegetables. Their already packaged produce is over priced, and I’m over having to sift through potatoes with holes, split butternut or rotting onions. And sadly, there is not a single supermarket that can offer both a […]

No Make Up Selfie – How to actually make a difference

Okay so this is the new way to attract attention to the Breast Cancer cause. The No Make Up Selfie. And yes I did post one. I don’t think it’s a bad idea at all. Men grow Mo’s in November for exactly the same reason: to raise awareness. So ladies, instead of drawing a fake […]

The book is always better then the movie

This seems to be a age-old debate, that the book is always better than the movie. I tend to agree. It’s fairly logically that it will be, as a book can cover a larger time span and more detail than a 2-hour movie can. The one part of the debate that bugs me a bit […]

Load Shedding Schedule available here.

Load shedding schedules rev January 2014 – Stage 3 Click above for load shedding schedules. Looks like each zone is out for 3 2 and a half hour breaks today. I would rant about Eskom about this, but everyone has done their fair share already today.

Losing respect for Al Gore – the final nail in his coffin

I had plenty of respect for Al Gore. Standing up and becoming a voice for the push against global warming was admirable (even though the Earth goes through cycles and will be able to regenerate itself, though I doubt it will let humans continue living then). But sadly he seems to have confused his mouth […]

Zuma is keen on majority… I’ll pick the minority again thank you.

I’m jumping in late here (I actually had to do some work today and busy taking a quick break before continuing), but I did have a good giggle at some of the statements that have come out of the ANC 102 birthday party yesterday. I’m not going to even try to quote Zuma (cos it […]

Highway to Gauteng – The Steve and Juju edition

One thing we have been hearing about recently are the E-tolls which have been put into effect in Gauteng. There’s been uproar on social media about the implementation, though I do think that if that outrage was used to actually fight the battle instead of a quick update from your own bed we may have […]