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America’s own weapons of mass destruction

So a law was signed into action this week which allows school to teach gun-safety to first graders…. I don’t think I even need to point out how stupid that sounds. They want to be able to put very susceptible minds into a room where they discuss the different mechanisms of a gun. Nevermind the […]

Ameri…. FB??

So Mark Zuckerberg has decided to join a political party. Not only is the name of the party a bit retarded, and actually more in support of Twitter than anything else (Fwd.us if you haven’t heard about it yet), but just because you have loads of money already doesn’t mean you have to jump into […]

Are we going to take it?

So the South African National Senior Certificate examination results are being released today… and everyone seems to be in an uproar. Yeah, some of the stats are not the best, completely agreed. I never did understand why the pass rate was so low, even when I was in school. Or why they are is such […]