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A quick knitted runner

I’ve been holding on to a few balls of popcorn yarn for a while now. My gran gave them to me and it has been a challenge to come p with what to do with them. Why? because ts a hard yarn. So no clothes can be made out of it. I used half of […]

DIY Crochet and knitted bag

So I was hoping that this post would propel me over the 1,000 views mark, but I see that that’s already happened! So thank you to everyone who reads this! Either which way, I really enjoyed this little project. I’ve waited a while to share it because it was a birthday present and I firmly […]

DIY Baby Booties, Bib and Jersey

These baby projects are ones that I finished a while ago. But they had to be posted up to a friend in Pretoria, so I’ve been waiting to hear that they arrived before I posted them. I did mention that there would be another baby bib, as they were so much fun to make and […]

Last of my Christmas presents 2013

  These are the last of the Christmas presents that I made for last year. There were 2 pairs of socks, but I only managed to finish the second pair on Christmas eve, so didn’t have time to take any pictures. The scarf I did using a different way of making tassels (for me anyway). […]

Christmas Projects 2013 – DIY Stockings

  These were just too much fun to do! And sadly, not my idea to begin with. Chris decided that it would be great to give each of his niece and nephews a stocking filled with gifts. So I set out, found a template and went shopping for the material. While I got the sock […]

Knitting 2013

  Ok so these are some of the thinkgs I have knitted since my gran taught me how to mid-2012. It’s a pitty that I didn’t really take pictures of the kid’s stuff i made, but I have done 3 kids beanines, a baby jersey, lots of booties and baby beanies. There’s also a baby […]