Monthly Archives: September 2014

A quick knitted runner

I’ve been holding on to a few balls of popcorn yarn for a while now. My gran gave them to me and it has been a challenge to come p with what to do with them. Why? because ts a hard yarn. So no clothes can be made out of it. I used half of […]

A splash of paint: New life to old lamp stands

So Chris and I have been living together for about 8 months now. And the house is still very odd looking and mis-matched. So we’ve been looking at ways to bring our furniture together and give the place some feeling of being our home, rather than a frat houe which has everyone’s random bits and […]

Finished Limoncello

So the limoncello is done! The picture above shows what it looks like when you drain the vodka to remove the lemon peels. It’s such a stunning, lemony summer colour! So Now just to finish it off. All that need to be done is to add the syrup. To make the syrup, I put one […]

Germination: Sprouting Seeds

Okay, I’m incredibly tired today. The Hunter debacle is getting somewhere, as we took his stitches out this morning. But he decided he didn’t want to sleep last night, and as I was on kitty duty, I didn’t sleep either. If you don’t know what the Hunter debacle is, our cat was hit by a […]

Recovering Lampshades

These two lampshades are a project I finished about a month ago, and I’ve just been too lazy to take pictures of them and upload them! They were old lampshades that were given to me, and the plastic covering on the inside had broken. So I broke the covers off and saved the mental frame […]

Camping review: The African Game Lodge

Chris took me camping for my birthday :). It was kept top secret until the day of my birthday, and he often gave me hints so I could try to figure out where we could be going. These hints included things like “Take your hiking boots” and “we’ll need a spot light”. Not much to […]

Planting our summer garden

These are just some of the plants we have planted for this summer that have come up. These photos are already a few days old, and the garden has had much more happen since then! What’s been planted: Lettuce Cucumber Tomato Red Basil Flax Italian Parsley Cumin Fennel Cabbage Celery Beetroot Butternut Gem Squash Leeks […]