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Seed saving: lettuce

One thing I have really enjoyed having grow in our garden is lettuce. I think for the price of a head of lettuce, which maybe makes us 2 salads, I bought a tray of mixed lettuce at the beginning of summer. It lasted up until now! It was great that we could use some, let […]

Homemade Lemon Curd

The last few weeks have been a bit crazy. I’ve even been meaning to take pictures of the limoncello as it has been turning yellow, but I haven’t got to it. Good news is that it will be ready to drink next week. Good for a summer refresher. So the by product from this experiment […]

Homemade Limoncello

How to make homemade moonshine… Just kiding, but that’s what it felt like pouring vodka into jars in my kitchen. We have been sitting with an unusual problem for the last little while. We have had a surplus of leomns. The tree in our garden increased it’s yield by over 300%. Though this is only […]

Stinging Nettle Soup

  It seems that we confused more than just a few people on Facebook. In our last veggie box we received a packet of stinging nettles. Yes, the things you have growing in the garden that can give you a nasty sting. You can eat them. The important thing is to make sure that you […]