Monthly Archives: April 2014

The Bottling Experiment: Beetroot, mango chutney and peppadews

A few weekends ago we had a great day of experimentation. Chris set out to use our new slow cooker for the first time (and made an amazing Pork roast with apple gravy), while I took over our stove to set about trying my hand at pickling. First up was the beetroot. I was rather […]

Patchwork cushion DIY

My sewing machine has been fixed! And it’s running like a dream :). It’s even quieter than it was to begin with. Apparently, each of the Elna’s have a specific bobbin you need to use with them. So, I now have everything I need to make sure the machine keeps running smoothly. And if not, […]

Clanwilliam Dam Camping: Lebanon Citrus

  I’m a bit behind with updating my blog this week, but I have found that this short week has really tired me out for some reason. Or it could be that my mind has been on my wedding decor and sourcing things. Anyway… For the Easter Weekend we missioned off to a wonderful little […]

Enhance germination: Soaking seeds

Sadly, this picture does not belong to me :(. I really want to have peas growing in our garden, and lots of peas!!! I love peas… But so far, the ones I have planted have been eaten by snails as they come up, or simply just don’t germinate. So I’ve been desperate and looking for […]

DIY Baby Booties, Bib and Jersey

These baby projects are ones that I finished a while ago. But they had to be posted up to a friend in Pretoria, so I’ve been waiting to hear that they arrived before I posted them. I did mention that there would be another baby bib, as they were so much fun to make and […]

Weekend Roadtrip to a spot outside Swellendam

We went camping at one of our favourite spots this past weekend. This is the thrid time that we have taken an after work drive to a little farm between Bonnievale and Swellendam to have a good recharge. The farm is called Leopard Trail, and really is a good chill spot. The only reason I […]

Tired of sub-quality vegetables in supermarkets?

I am absolutely tired of walking into supermarkets to find that I don’t want to buy any of their vegetables. Their already packaged produce is over priced, and I’m over having to sift through potatoes with holes, split butternut or rotting onions. And sadly, there is not a single supermarket that can offer both a […]