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Aquaponics experiments

  One of our very lovely and generous wedding gifts was this aquaponics system! I, especially, was supper keen to start getting something growing in it, so in between the last bit of wedding planning, I popped out and bought us some gold fish! Sadly one of them has already past away and another one […]

Planting our summer garden

These are just some of the plants we have planted for this summer that have come up. These photos are already a few days old, and the garden has had much more happen since then! What’s been planted: Lettuce Cucumber Tomato Red Basil Flax Italian Parsley Cumin Fennel Cabbage Celery Beetroot Butternut Gem Squash Leeks […]

Get rid of the garden snail!

Our little veggie garden is getting somewhere slowly, and I will share more pictures soon. Finally, all my seeds have arrived! My last order came in from http://www.livingseeds.co.za, and they really do have a great variety that you can pick from, as well as somethings I promise that you have never thought of growing. So […]