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Aquaponics experiments

  One of our very lovely and generous wedding gifts was this aquaponics system! I, especially, was supper keen to start getting something growing in it, so in between the last bit of wedding planning, I popped out and bought us some gold fish! Sadly one of them has already past away and another one […]

Scrapbooked Recipe Book

              It has been ages since I have last blogged. The last few months have been absolutely crazy with finishing off wedding decor and finalizing everything for our big day. I can wait to share a breakdown of all the wedding decor we made when we get the pictures, […]

Companion planting/plant by month/moon planting experiments

So we started our vegetable garden last year April. We have not had much success to be honest. We’ve been fighting with snails and finally put our lack of success down to poor soil quality. So we’ve been finding ways to improve it. We have to still start our compost heap, and the worm farm […]

Othello at the Maynardville Outdoor Theatre

For the last 6 years we’ve been going to the Maynardville open air theatre as a family. It’s become a tradition, and long before January, we’re all watching the website to see what show will be next. It did take a few years to convince my dad to join us, as school Shakespeare had left […]

Making Biltong

So the second dehydrator project was to make some biltong. It was quite a process, and does take a few days, but we think it was well worth it in the end. We may try another recipe next time, as this one has a lot of sugar in it, and it is strange for the […]

Sundried tomatoes: My first dehydrator project

Chris bought me a dehydrator as one of my Christmas presents, and I’ve been waiting to use it since then. Though of course, it doesn’t come with all its pieces in the box, so we needed to head out and get some candle light bulbs first, and then needed to decide what we would like […]

Crocheted baby blanket

    This was my after Christmas project for a friends of ours who are having a baby in the next few months. That was a quick little project, and I really enjoyed putting it together. Also a nice break between Christmas presents and carrying on with our wedding things. The yellow and purple blocks […]