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Recovering Lampshades

These two lampshades are a project I finished about a month ago, and I’ve just been too lazy to take pictures of them and upload them! They were old lampshades that were given to me, and the plastic covering on the inside had broken. So I broke the covers off and saved the mental frame […]

Homemade Lemon Curd

The last few weeks have been a bit crazy. I’ve even been meaning to take pictures of the limoncello as it has been turning yellow, but I haven’t got to it. Good news is that it will be ready to drink next week. Good for a summer refresher. So the by product from this experiment […]

Revamping old frames

I’ve had these frames for ages and when I first got them, I decided I liked black frames. This has definitely changed so it was about time that they got an upgrade. This was a bit of a process and I will admit that they didn’t go as planned, but I quite like the finished […]

DIY Minion Crochet Beanie

This little guy was so much fun to make! And he only took 2 evenings to do as well. That includes all the little bits and pieces to make him up. If you want to replicate him, I suggest you buy Mirage wool. It’s generally R5 a ball. Make sure you buy the double knit […]

Refurbishing tables

So these poor sad tables have been sitting in our lounge. I finally got the time to drag them out to the garage to revamp them a bit and give them some new life. However, this was three weeks ago. The weather has been so cold that the paint hadn’t dried as quickly as I’m […]

Starting with Granny Squares: Gloves

Recently, I decided to collect up all the little scraps of wool I have from old projects, and turn them into a blanket of granny squares. I’ve had so much fun putting together the granny squares. Then I thought: Why not gloves? For something a little bit different. So I started to make them up. […]

Quick Crochet Beanies

These little beanies are the fruits of our Kleinmond weekend :). They were so easy and quick that it was a great project to keep me busy while we were chatting and watching sport. The pattern is really simple as well. I used the penguin beanie that I made previously and just used the first […]