Monthly Archives: March 2014

No Make Up Selfie – How to actually make a difference

Okay so this is the new way to attract attention to the Breast Cancer cause. The No Make Up Selfie. And yes I did post one. I don’t think it’s a bad idea at all. Men grow Mo’s in November for exactly the same reason: to raise awareness. So ladies, instead of drawing a fake […]

Playlist update – 19 March 2014

Chris and I had a debate. Whenever we have people round, we want to put music on while we are having a braai or just chatting. And every single time we have to put together a new playlist. It’s rather annoying. So we are going to set up a music bank with some of the […]

The book is always better then the movie

This seems to be a age-old debate, that the book is always better than the movie. I tend to agree. It’s fairly logically that it will be, as a book can cover a larger time span and more detail than a 2-hour movie can. The one part of the debate that bugs me a bit […]

“Let It Snow” Amazing Disney Cover

I have heard some rather interesting things about the track which won Best Original Song at the OScars this year. Like how its a song about coming out. And that the movie encourages bestiality. Of course these are facts that have been bought up by pastors in the USA who have nothing better to do, […]

DIY Cross Stitch Throw Cushions

  I’m very glad that these throw cushions are finally finished! Started work on them last year, and inbetween Christmas presents, moving, gardening and sewing machine problems, they have taken a long time to finish… All of the cross stitch pieces have been finished since before I finished high school. So they have just been […]

The first beds in our veggie garden!

  After a large amount of hard work, from both Abi and Chris, the veggie garden is a reality! Chris spent yesterday morning finishing off our first 2 beds, so I could start planting. And just as well! The one thing that I have learnt from the exercise so far is that egg cartons do […]

Seedsaving: Butternut and gem squash

So with all the gardening we have been doing, I decided to try some seed saving as well. Now the ones that I have drying in my kitchen after the weekend are most likely hybrid seeds, as I got them from a supermarket. Think I should research some farmers markets in the area to get […]