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Ameri…. FB??

So Mark Zuckerberg has decided to join a political party. Not only is the name of the party a bit retarded, and actually more in support of Twitter than anything else (Fwd.us if you haven’t heard about it yet), but just because you have loads of money already doesn’t mean you have to jump into […]

Thank You

It is fairly easy to say that our country is in a fairly dark space at the moment. It feels as if the media has been able to dig up some rather dirty secrets that we would rather not think about. But isn’t that the problem? We have been raised to look past the problems […]

Why don’t you get a job?

The last week or so the South African media has been shocked with different accounts of different news stories that have come to light. It’s slightly ironic that people are shocked about stats like that in South Africa. A woman is raped every 4 minutes (I remember that stat from high school, so that seems […]