We had fun bottling a few different things as part of Christmas presents this last year. The apricot jam recipe we used is the same one that can be found in this post, here.  The Chilli Braai Relish is simply a winner! It was in one of the Idea Magazines and we have had so […]

  I still need to finish blogging about my Christmas presents! Only one more after this one though. This elephant blanket was the biggest thing I worked for this last Christmas. I received plenty of help from the kitties, who had to make sure the ball of wool could still roll and often needed to […]

  I decided to try making something a bit different for Christmas presents last year. So I did quite a bit of research and really liked the idea of polymer clay, and I found a great Youtube tutorial as well:   I used the basic concept used here and combined different colours of clay to […]

One thing I have really enjoyed having grow in our garden is lettuce. I think for the price of a head of lettuce, which maybe makes us 2 salads, I bought a tray of mixed lettuce at the beginning of summer. It lasted up until now! It was great that we could use some, let […]

I think I may actually be getting a bit sick. So I’m trying to get myself ready for the newsletters and bits and pieces that I need to write today. I thought I would share some of the seed saving we are doing at the moment. When our rocket bolted, I was concerned that the […]

Chris and I hosted our first Christmas at the end of last year (yes, I know January is almost over, but I have some serious blogging catch-up to play). We had plenty of fun coming up with ways to decorate the house. Chris’s favorite thing is the Christmas tree, and after this year, it has […]

We received some beautiful apricots from Wild Organics. And then they just sat there in the kitchen staring at us. I really dislike most fruit. The only things I could eat in huge quantities are berries. So I decided to make us some jam. The recipe I found for the apricot jam can be found […]