Aquaponics experiments

2015-04-10 07.22.31


One of our very lovely and generous wedding gifts was this aquaponics system! I, especially, was supper keen to start getting something growing in it, so in between the last bit of wedding planning, I popped out and bought us some gold fish!

2015-04-15 10.19.56

Sadly one of them has already past away and another one is mysteriously missing… not sure if it was one of our cats. They have been incredibly interested in the fish and love to sit and watch them swim when they walk past the tank. Hunter in particular loves hanging over the edge and drinking the “fresh” running water. It’s funny to watch him perked on the edge of the tank, definitely clutching on harder with his bad limpy leg, and drinking the water while the fish come up and give him little kisses on his nose. He then taps the water with his paw every now and again to get them to move on so he can carry on drinking. I think the kisses may be ticklish.

2015-04-15 12.16.12

So before we went away I started a whole lot of different seeds in kitchen towel on the kitchen window sill. We now have a few of them in the aquaponics tubes and we will see how they get on. There are peas, mange toute, lettuce, dill, coriander, and lemon balm. We’ll see how well they do before I start sprouting more. What I have already larnt is that the plants needed to have a nice long root before they go into the pipes, as they need to be able to reach the water that is running down the middle.



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