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It has been ages since I have last blogged. The last few months have been absolutely crazy with finishing off wedding decor and finalizing everything for our big day. I can wait to share a breakdown of all the wedding decor we made when we get the pictures, but the ones I have seen so far are stunning! So holding thumbs we get to see them soon!

Now not everything in the last 2 months have been about our wedding. The garden has been worked on and I was a bridesmaid for a good friend of mine for her wedding in February. So planning a kitchen tea and a good night out for her were also on the list of fun things to do, as well as set up and final details for her wedding. I think my favourite things about this wedding was the kitchen tea gift I made her.

We’ve been friends since high school, but what I think has made our friendship stronger in the last little while has been the fact that we were planning weddings at the same time, but also both of our passions for veggie gardening. We often swop ideas and tips, and seeds and sometimes produce from our gardens, and it pretty much ensures that we chat every week, even if we do live almost 200km away from each other. So I put together a little garden recipe book for her. All of the recipes I included in the book were based on ingredients that she grows in her veggie garden. So think basil pesto, hummus (we both have chickpeas growing), and so many other good homemade and easy recipes!

The book itself is made out of scrapbooking paper with different inserts pasted into different areas, so that it all folds together and is closed by a ribbon. Definitely something I will make again, and I used the basic idea to create our vow books for the wedding (watch this space!).

So in the next while I will be catching up on my blogging and following up on all the things that have happened in my garden as well for the last few months, before we start looking at all the wonderful projects I now have time to do!!


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