Making Biltong


So the second dehydrator project was to make some biltong. It was quite a process, and does take a few days, but we think it was well worth it in the end. We may try another recipe next time, as this one has a lot of sugar in it, and it is strange for the meat to be sweet. I think a nice chili biltong is in order!

So we bought a piece of silver-side beef and Chris cut the pieces into slices, with a thickness between 1 and 2cm. Then it was left to marinade for about an hour in a vinegar, Worcestorshire sauce and sugar. Plenty of recipes do suggest to leave it over night to marinade, but ours didn’t. Then the pieces were placed into a tray and the coriander and salt was rubbed into the meat. This was left to stand for a while.

We then placed the meat on the meat hooks and hung them in the dehydrator. We placed a tray at the bottom of the container though, to catch the excess liquid, and left this to hang with the dehydrator off for a while. When most of the liquid had dripped off, we put the bottom of the dehydrator back on and turned everything on. And the biltong dried like this for 2 days, with us checking every now and again, cos at a stage the outside looked very dry and we were certain that it was finished.

But definitely a repeat again experience, just with a bit of some recipe experimentation.


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