Sundried tomatoes: My first dehydrator project




Chris bought me a dehydrator as one of my Christmas presents, and I’ve been waiting to use it since then. Though of course, it doesn’t come with all its pieces in the box, so we needed to head out and get some candle light bulbs first, and then needed to decide what we would like to try dehydrate first.

I decided that tomatoes had to be the first thing to try, as it was my exploration of how to make sun-dried tomatoes that led me to wanting this machine in the first place. So popped out and got some Italian tomatoes (cos on that day Roma tomatoes seemed to be scarce).

You can skin and seed the tomatoes, but I think that takes away from the integrity of the fruit, and even though it is suppose to cut down on the drying time, it’s less prep you need to do as well. So these tomatoes were quartered, put into the dehydrator and seasoned with sat, pepper and sweet basil. It took about 24 hours for the tomatoes to feel like raisins, which is the consistency to aim for.

Then it’s really as simple as sterilising a jar, putting all the tomatoes in it and filling up with oil. I used canola oil, and I’m looking forward to cooking with it when the tomatoes are done. So far we have thrown some into a pasta, and also added them to a very nice tapas lunch, though I am sure we will discover many other things we can do before we’re over these tasty little things!


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