Christmas presents: The Best Chilli Braai Relish


We had fun bottling a few different things as part of Christmas presents this last year. The apricot jam recipe we used is the same one that can be found in this post, here. 


The Chilli Braai Relish is simply a winner! It was in one of the Idea Magazines and we have had so much fun with it. Just a little bit of it mixed in mayo is great on burgers, and it gives a nice bit of bite to a good marinade. I would suggest using it sparingly, as it can be very, very strong. The recipe is very straight forward and easy. You can find the recipes here, along with one for an amazing foccasia recipe, great as a snack for before the braai.

Recipes 5

While we’re talking about jars and what we used them for, we did a big batch of cookies and packaged them for each of our family members. It’s amazing what you can do with an empty mayo jar, black board paint and gold paint. Really easy and they looked stunning afterwards. And are really easy to reuse as well.



Right, 2014 posts are over! Now to get to work on all things 2015! Which includes all the wedding bits and pieces I’ve needed to stay quiet about. Hopefully 2015 will also be the year that I finish off my bundle of half completed projects, so we can make space for new ones!


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