Seed saving: Rocket and Mustard


I think I may actually be getting a bit sick. So I’m trying to get myself ready for the newsletters and bits and pieces that I need to write today. I thought I would share some of the seed saving we are doing at the moment. When our rocket bolted, I was concerned that the seeds would blow around quite easily, so I started researching how I could save as many seeds as possible. The plant itself makes it very easy to save seeds! All the seeds are in little pods. So you simply pick the piece with the pods and hang it up somewhere to dry. Then, when the plant is completely dried out, you can open the little pods and collect the seeds. I’ve seen a great method of using a colander for this, so you simply put the whole plant in the colander and rub the pods against the sides. They split open and the seeds fall through the holes.

Mustard plants do exactly the same thing. so it’s really very much the same process. I just have a separate bunch of mustard drying, so I can remember which bunch is what plant. The bunches we have in our kitchen at the moment are much bigger than the one in this picture, as it keeps growing every evening as I pop out to see how the plants are doing. The rocket and mustard plants were very much finished with their growing process, so they have been removed, some bunny manure added to the beds and we’re not trying a combination planting of lettuce, green beas, gem squash and butternut!



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