Christmas 2014 decor

Chris and I hosted our first Christmas at the end of last year (yes, I know January is almost over, but I have some serious blogging catch-up to play). We had plenty of fun coming up with ways to decorate the house. Chris’s favorite thing is the Christmas tree, and after this year, it has a sufficient increase of decorations on it, which were gifts from different family members.

The inside decor was very simple. We got some snow spray and decorated glasses and bottles with it, and then just added candles, ivy and flowers to finish it off. We’re lucky enough to have a park just down the road with pine trees, so i popped down to get a few. Good kindling for when Winter rolls around!

I have recently gone a bit bunting mad, so with some material from 2013’s projects, I made up a string for outside. The table for lunch was decorated with some table clothes I made up, and a rather festive one of Chris’s, random garden refuse (haha okay it’s a stump, but it’s from the carport renovations that took place a few months ago), ivy, more pine cones, decorated bottles, and the traditional family place mats and coasters.

I really am a bit Christmas mad and enjoyed putting this all together form simple things we have around the house. What’s great was that clean-up was relatively simple as well, though the stump from the table is now the best kitty climbing frame in town. Starting to look for ideas for 2015 Christmas now!

DSCN0085 DSCN0068 DSCN0071 DSCN0072 DSCN0078 DSCN0080 DSCN0083 DSCN0084 10152661_10152410952660927_8950789941620556658_n


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