Toothless and Mosaic Jewellery Box

DSCN0041 DSCN0038


This is one of the Christmas presents that I made this year. I’m sharing it now because it has already been opened :). It’s a jewellery box that I made for Chris’s niece. This project did remind me that I’m not a big fan of mosaic. It’s messy, which is fun, but it takes forever to get the grout cleaned off of the mirror and the tiles, so it becomes a serious pain in the butt.

I made Toothless out of polymer clay. This was my first polymer clay project, and I feel that I was slightly too ambitious for my first project. So the little dragon doesn’t quite look like toothless, but he is a cute dragon nonetheless. He also didn’t take all that long, but that could also be due to my lack of experience with polymer clay. What I did find with working with this clay, is that it is a lot harder than air-drying or pottery clay. So my hands did tire quickly. Also with the different colours, I had to be careful when I was working with the black, as it would mix with the other colours if I only had some of it on my hands.

All in all this was a very nice little project and I was glad to finish it in time so it could be opened before everyone went off on holiday. Whether or not I will be doing a mosaic project in the near future we will need to see, but polymer clay is on my list of fun things to work with. Chris has already asked if he can use some of my left over clay for another project he needs to do in early January :). The bug has bitten!



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