A quick knitted runner


I’ve been holding on to a few balls of popcorn yarn for a while now. My gran gave them to me and it has been a challenge to come p with what to do with them. Why? because ts a hard yarn. So no clothes can be made out of it. I used half of what I had to make a small bag earlier this year which you can see here. The colour of the yarn is stunning, so I had a great idea to make something that could make our house feel a bit more like Spring time has arrived. So I made a runner for our dining room.

Seriously easy project, just 50 stitches and garter all the way. Took me about a week and a half of doing little bits in the evenings. I started this when Hunter was hit by the car, so had some time to sit around and look after him and knit. Was actually great to not have to think about what I was doing while still keeping my hands busy.

But our little boy is on the mend and the runner is done, so spring is slowly returning to our house. Now if only the cold weather could leave for good we could continue celebrating the change of the season and the coming of Summer. Which seems to have been delayed thanks to the hail and thunderstorms that we had yesterday.


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