A splash of paint: New life to old lamp stands


So Chris and I have been living together for about 8 months now. And the house is still very odd looking and mis-matched. So we’ve been looking at ways to bring our furniture together and give the place some feeling of being our home, rather than a frat houe which has everyone’s random bits and pieces strewn everywhere (been there done that. So one of the things we decided that we can do it to match our colours a bit better.

Being a bachelor means that Chris has accumulated things that are all dark in colour. Like navy bed linen and black lampshades. This is a bit to dark for my taste. But I also think it’s fair to say that my pastel greens, purples and blues aren’t Chris’s thing either. Even the butterfly bedspread has moved into the guestroom for what I think is for good. So we’re looking at what we can do.

Chris has started his mission to have all our wood furniture have the same feeling, rather than bits of light pine and darker mahogany clashing in the same room. This has made a difference. I’ve been looking at our knick-knacks and room decor and seeing what we can give new life to, rather than going out and buying something new.  So I attacked our lamp stands that we each had next to our beds. I’ll let you decide which was who’s.

After a bit of paint (first layer a primer though), it was time to find a new home for these stands, so there is one in the lounge and one on our our new book-stacked table in the dining room. The lounge needs some more love before it starts looking good, but the dining room is well on it’s way 🙂


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