Finished Limoncello


So the limoncello is done! The picture above shows what it looks like when you drain the vodka to remove the lemon peels. It’s such a stunning, lemony summer colour! So Now just to finish it off. All that need to be done is to add the syrup.


To make the syrup, I put one cup of water and one cup of sugar in a saucepan and let it boil. Make sure to stir continuously and not to let it burn. It’s ready when all the sugar has dissolved. Add it to the vodka, stir it in and then bottle. As easy as that.


So now, vodka doesn’t freeze. So I went and popped our bottles in the freezer, thinking they would be alright in there. Clearly not it turns out… that extra cup of water and sugar seems to have helped the liquid freeze. Having frozen glass containers is not something you want either, as the glass can shatter when you try to thaw it. So I popped them into the fridge in a plastic bag, and hoped they would not break. They didn’t and the limoncello is safe 🙂 Can’t go around wasting all that hard work and vodka now.

Now I hope that next year we have access to more lemons and can increase the amount of limoncello we can make. We’ve tried a few different drinks already. Just on the rocks is great, but it’s very strong. It’s also great with tonic water. Apparently it’s also good with a shot of gin in it, or with some bubbly, so we have a few more things to try out this summer… once the weather improves again!


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