Germination: Sprouting Seeds


Okay, I’m incredibly tired today. The Hunter debacle is getting somewhere, as we took his stitches out this morning. But he decided he didn’t want to sleep last night, and as I was on kitty duty, I didn’t sleep either. If you don’t know what the Hunter debacle is, our cat was hit by a car almost 2 weeks ago. He had to have surgery to pin his hip back together and the jury is still out on whether or not his tail will make it. But we have our little hooligan who is loving an purrs a lot and gets up to mischief. He’s even tried a short run already. So as I’m tired and I need to write some articles for work today, I thought I would start with a blog post to get my thinking cap going.

I love peas. I mean really really love peas. I tried planting some earlier this year, and the one that did come up was chomped by a snail. I tried again and nothing grew. So I decided to try an experiment. This experiment made me feel like I was in a grade 5 science class again and we had to grow our own beans. Basically, I sprouted the peas.

In true scientific form, we have some different variables to consider. Firstly, I planted some peas into seeding trays. Just like that. No special treatment. Then I soaked some peas. We have greenfeast peas, Oregon sugar pod peas and mange toute, so we’re also trying a few different varieties, but actually we want all of them to grow in our garden. So I sprouted them. I simply took a kitchen towel, wet it and rolled the peas up in it. I then placed it into an open ended plastic bag and placed it in the sun.


Simple enough. I left it there for a few days and then opened them up to see how they were doing. I did put all the different seeds into marked bags so I knew which was what. They had sprouted quite nicely.


You can just see some small pea root tails on these peas. From here, I planted some of these sprouted peas straight into the garden and some into seeding trays. Interestingly enough the ones planted into the garden have done the most growing so far. I’m going to plant the seeding tray ones out this weekend. The ones I planted straight into the seeding trays have yet to come up.


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