Recovering Lampshades


These two lampshades are a project I finished about a month ago, and I’ve just been too lazy to take pictures of them and upload them! They were old lampshades that were given to me, and the plastic covering on the inside had broken. So I broke the covers off and saved the mental frame work.


Then I set about to build new frames. I used chicken wire, and spent a bit of time in the sun working it all together. It takes about an afternoon to do one frame. So it kept me busy for a while. After that, it was time to make the covers. Chris and I had picked out a material we liked at the beginning of the project. I also found a great Youtube video on how to recover lamp shades which I followed for this. Basically, you take the lamp shade and roll it across wax paper while tracing the outside with a pencil. Do this for both sides. Then add about 5 cm to the top, bottom and sides of the pattern. Cut it out and cut the material out for the shades according to the pattern.

Easy enough.

To attach the covers to the frames, I used my favorite tool: my glue gun. Quick and easy to attach it and work it down, and now we have some new shades for our bedside tables. This is possibly the only photos that will prove that Chris’s bedside table can be more untidy than mine.



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