Learning about blueberry bushes


I was truly spoilt for my birthday this year. I received some very thoughtful gifts from friends for our home. Also for our garden! One of them was Jane’s Delicious Herbs, which I now think that any keen cultivator of herbs should have and I plan to get my hands on the rest of her books, and a blueberry bush.

Now I love blue berries. I actually don’t enjoy fruit in general, but any berry I will munch until the cows come home. So I was incredibly excited about this little bush. Especially as it looks like plenty of the berries have been pollinated and will ripen soon. I call waffles!

So now that I had acquired my little bush, I did some research on how to look after it to make sure that we have it for plenty more years. The most NB thing is that it is planted in acidic soil. So at some point in the future I am going to get it a bigger pot and some more acidic soil. The other thing is that it needs a friend so that they can pollinate each other. Ah… so I popped down to the Wollies in Waterstone Village and they had one left. So now we have 2 happy blueberry bushes who will keep each other company for many years. We’ll give Woolworths credit for the marketing idea. Also I was expecting to go any pay close to R200 for a bush, but they were only R60 each and are grown by a sustainable BEE project in South Africa. It’s great to find a product you like and then realize you are supporting the community as well.


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