Revamping old frames


DSCN9752 DSCN9777

I’ve had these frames for ages and when I first got them, I decided I liked black frames. This has definitely changed so it was about time that they got an upgrade.

This was a bit of a process and I will admit that they didn’t go as planned, but I quite like the finished result.

Instead of sanding them down, I applied a primer. Once that had dried I did 2 coats of the base colour, which is a beautiful velvety brown, which I may or may not be planning to use on some other tables I have… After this I applied a layer of Kwik Krack. I really wanted these frames to have that wonderful cracked look. So I followed the instructions, let it dry and then applied a watered down layer of the cream paint on top. And it did this weathered West Coast look.


I really like the frames, even though they are completely different from what. Now my postcards that I bought in London have a home, and my Eurotrip pictures are finally up. While printing these I printed a ton of pics of Chris and myself. So now to find another project for those. I’m definitely on a decor mission at the moment, cos I’m tired of our house looking so plain and lacking our personalities! More on this later.

For now I am missioning to find cheap frames to repaint like this and inspiration to create wall pieces. I have a distinct feeling that we are going to have a very travel orientated theme.


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