Fish Tank gone Book Shelf


Ever since Chris has moved in, we have had some strange random items lying around the house that we couldn’t decide what to do with. One of them was this glass fish tank.

Because we are still a bit disorganized and the house is littered with wedding decor projects, things like our recipe books were being moved from room to room. And I was getting over this.

So, one day I decided that the fish tank that was sitting on the pool table was going to be re-purposed.

I started with used a liquid glass liner and designing a pattern on the glass that I liked. It needs to stand for about an hour to dry before you can continue to work with it, but because of all our cold weather, I left it over night before I added colour.


The next morning, it was rather quick to finish off adding the colour and leaving it to dry. I used Dala glass paints, which are all left over from my high school art projects.


Now our recipe books have a home, it’s neat and tidy and it has added some colour to our kitchen. We’re focusing on getting the house more sorted and us, so hopefully this is one of the first steps in the right direction. Plenty of other House DIY things in the making at the moment, so will post them as soon as they are done!

Chris might need to jump in at some point, otherwise the house is going to be travel inspired…


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