Refurbishing tables


So these poor sad tables have been sitting in our lounge. I finally got the time to drag them out to the garage to revamp them a bit and give them some new life. However, this was three weeks ago. The weather has been so cold that the paint hadn’t dried as quickly as I’m used to it doing.

So for the last 3 weekends I’ve done a coat a day on these. Started with a primer, because the tables hasd a laminate finish. Did quite a bit of research before I started and found out that you can’t sand laminate. So on with the primer. Then 3 coats of the gorgeous blue paint. Finally, because I didn’t think to buy Velva-Glo from the get go, I finished them off with a clear varnish.

Last night they came back inside and I sat and applied vinyl to them just for something a bit different. The “LOVE” vinyl was a gift from Chris’s mum, and looks great on the blue. The longer vinyl was a birthday present to Chris from T. She is absolutely amazing when it comes to vinyl art and cuts them out and sells them. Beautiful.

DSCN9744 DSCN9745


So our lounge is starting to look a bit better than it was. I think the next step is to make up some table runners for these tables and then they are all done! And we need to get some art on the wall, but I think one of the frames I worked on this weekend can fill this role :).


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