Starting with Granny Squares: Gloves


Recently, I decided to collect up all the little scraps of wool I have from old projects, and turn them into a blanket of granny squares. I’ve had so much fun putting together the granny squares. Then I thought: Why not gloves? For something a little bit different. So I started to make them up.

I used Escapade wool for this. The wool itself if different colours at different lengths and you can see in the pictures how nicely it crochets up. If you knit with it, the colours come out in different stripes.  This is what it looks like:

images (3)

That is quite clearly not the wool I used. That’s a Google search image, but it gives you an idea. The granny squares each have 5 rows, so they are a bit larger than normal. I found that I could crochet up 4 squares in an evening. Which makes this a two evening’s project.

To work the squares together, I used a flat braid join to work them together, but this did make them rather large. So next time I might use a different method of putting them together. There are a whole load of different methods to be found here.

Thinking that my next granny square project should be a huge oversized scarf… Seems my poor blanket will not be be finished any time soon!


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