Quick Crochet Beanies


These little beanies are the fruits of our Kleinmond weekend :). They were so easy and quick that it was a great project to keep me busy while we were chatting and watching sport.

The pattern is really simple as well. I used the penguin beanie that I made previously and just used the first part of the pattern. The great thing about this pattern is that it makes allowances for so many different age groups, even adults!

For the colour change, I waited until the pattern told me to stop increasing and then changed to the off-white wool. You could make this section longer if you wanted to, or even increase the length to fold the bottom part over. Also if I was making this for a little girl I would have added some crocheted hearts or flowers. Just an incredibly versatile little pattern.

While we were sitting around and chatting, a friend picked up the pattern herself. Using a chunkier wool, the end result looked as if it would be much larger, if you are interested in a large beanie. Also the wool she used was of the multi-colour variety. the beanie crocheted into a stunning pattern and it gave the project another personality almost. It really is great to see what you can do with different wools and how they knit up. I did see that the Checkers Hyper which has opened in Somerset West has a rather large wool section, and some lovely fluffy varieties as well. It might be worth a visit to stock up for the rest of winter.


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