A rainy weekend away in Kleinmond

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Chris’s favorite spot in the world is St Francis Bay. I really think that mine is Kleinmond. I love coming to this little town for a weekend. I think the main motivator is that the company is always amazing and for a small town, there is so much to do!

Some of the weekends we’ve been down there have been in summer. Then we have made sure to braai at least once, spend some time at the beach, grab some lunch at the waterfront after browsing through all the little stores leading down to the harbour and swimming at the river mouth. One thing still on my list for summer activities is a decent hike through the mountains.

The last few times we have been invited to stay, it’s been rainy and wet. This doesn’t take away from a great weekend with great friends. It means that if we mission out of the house, it’s to pop into the haberdashery to get some supplies for the weekend, quick stop at the bottle store and Spar, a mission down to what I think is the world’s best bakery (and sadly wasn’t open for the long weekend) and a visit to KAWS. If we catch a break in the rain, some of the dogs get taken out for a lovely walk. If it is raining, the cats get our undivided attention. This really has become a tradition when we are in town.

It does seem that I forgot to give Chris the memo. This visit was the first time he came with me. He caught a brief break in the rain on Sunday and decided to head out for a fish, only to come back cold, wet and empty handed, with some great stories about almost being washed off the rocks.

All in all, a weekend of great conversation, food, crocheting, board games and some rather interesting funny stories.


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  1. […] little beanies are the fruits of our Kleinmond weekend :). They were so easy and quick that it was a great project to keep me busy while we were chatting […]

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