Engagement Party Invitations

Engagement Party Invitation- edited


We were really luck to have about 3 different engagement somethings! With all of our guests being spread around the world and country, it was difficult to decide on what to do. In the end we had a braai with my side of the family and a lunch with Chris’s side (simply because we couldn’t find a day that suited everyone).

For our friends, we decided that we wanted to have a braai and just relax with everyone. So we sent about our invitations. We are blessed that Chris is someone who plans ahead (his boy scouts experience maybe) and he organised that one of our good friends was there to capture our proposal. As we didn’t have any other pictures yet, we decided to use this one for the engagement party invite. The ruin in the photo is now even more special, as we hid a post-engagement geocache in here, called The Romantic Ruins. 

Our engagement party was plenty of fun, even though the power was out for 6 hours thanks to the municipality. Something we will never forget though, and there’s something special about kuiering in the dark.

We’ve decided that electronic invitation work well. We won’t do them for the final invitations, but it’s great for any of the side parties or the save the dates. I even suggest to the Maid of Honor that she does electronic invitations for anything she might be planning, with the exception of the few individuals who don’t have emails :). But it really is a personal choice.



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