Bridesmaid Letters

Theresa Heloise Shannon Tan

Chris and I have decided to share some of our wedding experiences online. I was already planning to release the decor and some pictures here after the wedding, but we decided that some of the processes and little bits and pieces we have enjoyed could be released in the meantime.

Today, in 9 months, we will be getting married!! And while we have covered many different bases already, there is still a truck load of things to do before our big day. I suppose that’s what happens when you decide to go all DIY. The one funny thing is that I have always thought I was very good at making up my mind and sticking to my guns. There have been so many wedding details that have changed in the last 3 months that it’s a joke. But every time we talk about changing an idea, I do love how they just get better and better!

Deciding on our wedding party was not all that challenging. Chris knew who he wanted for his guys, and my girls were very easy to pick. If you haven’t seen how I asked my sister to be my Maid of Honor, you can find the link to her tea box here.

With my bridesmaids, there was a bit more of a logistical problem. No one lives in the same town, it’s never guaranteed when I’ll see them next, and my cousin lives in London. So I decided to go the electronic route. As I had already started a pattern by asking Abi to be my right-hand lady using Bronte, I went on a mission to find quote that would help me to explain how each of my bridesmaids are important to me. The initial mission was to find quote from female writers, but sadly, not many of them seemed to touch on what I was looking for. So I diversified and managed to find my perfect quotes.

So I designed them and emailed them to each lady, and waited excitedly for the shrieking phone calls and messages of joy :).


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