Homemade pickled onions

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We unpacked the most beautiful little bag of tiny onions last week, and I immediately decided that they were the perfect size to pickle. Chris agreed immediately. Luckily with my experimentation habits, I love a person who loves anything that comes in vinegar. The gherkins don’t last a week.

So I opened up my British pickled onion recipe, only to find that I needed to dampen my engine’s fire a bit. The first step to this recipe is to peel the onions and then leave them overnight, coated in sugar. So unfortunately, we would not be having pickled onions for breakfast.

So after the peeling, which took a while, we left the onions over night. I woke up early the enxt morning to whip together the pickling liquid. This part of the recipe is really quick and easy which is nice. And then All I had to do was rinse and dry the onions, pack them into the bottle, add the liquid and seal.

After this very short, quick and easy process, I read the recipe again. This time I discovered that the onions need to be left alone for a month, actually 2 if you want the best onions ever, so that they can become perfect pickled onions.

So the onions are sitting in our cupboard for the next while, with both Chris and I salivating to try out our new recipe. We’re going to have to keep ourselves busy until then I suppose… otherwise the onions may just disappear from the pantry.



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