Crochet Penguin Beanie



Fun, silly beanies seem to be in fashion. Even when I was in the UK a few years ago, it was hard to find a normal looking beanie. I suppose the arrival of the onesie hasn’t helped with much (said the owner of a beautiful lion onesie). But they are so much fun to make, and they really are great for kids. I’ve even seen some minions one around which just look fantastic!

I had too much fun with this project! It was relatively fast, considering I had to start over a few times. It also pushed me to learn some new techniques, as I had never before done a single crochet decrease. Thankfully, Youtube is my friend.

This pattern can be found on “Repeat Crafter Me”, and can be done in any size, so if you want one for yourself go right ahead. I found a lion one that I am tempted to make for myself, as I think it will go with my fantastically bushy hair.

The pattern calls for worsted weight yarn, which I have yet to find in South Africa. So I used a double knit which worked just as well. I think the important thing is that whatever you use is soft. It’s going on your head after all, and you don’t want the wool to irritate your skin.

I am glad to say that the little girl that this was made for was absolutely thrilled when I gave it to her. It makes the project worthwhile :).


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  1. […] pattern is really simple as well. I used the penguin beanie that I made previously and just used the first part of the pattern. The great thing about this […]

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